Roof Leak Repairs Perth by Unreal Roofing

Fixing leaking roofs in Perth

Roof leaks caused by silicon

Below is an example of what happens when you seal a tile you think is leaking, and you put silicon in all the wrong places. I believe this was done by a local handyman. In this case the silicon is sealing the horizontal overlaps of the tile courses. When we punctured the white silicon you can see the dark watermark where the water has drained out. The water had filled up in the back of the tile and overflowed into the roof space causing considerable damage to the ceiling and had fused the electrics. The real reason for the roof leak was a faulty flashing further up the roof.

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Roof leaks caused by leaf litter

The view below shows a home only 2 years old but close to trees. This valley is totally blocked and has forced stormwater to overflow into the roof space. So its really important to keep your gutters and valleys clear of leaf debris.